Blog Post: Write a paragraph with a summary of each article. Then add a fourth paragraph with your questions, thoughts, and opinions. Feel free to include additional research that you might wish to find. 
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1)  What Did You *Think* They Do With Your Data? I've heard my mom saying things about this and i didn't believe it but i guess its actually true, the weather app is using your data without your permission? that's kinda annoying because they're just coasting me money without my permission isn't that robbing? that's scummy, whats the point of them asking for permission if they're just gonna use it anyways.
2) For $1000, anyone can purchase online ads to track your location and app use The name alone just sounds freaky, why are people such freaks that should be illegal, that's such an invasion of privacy without my permission, they did a study and found that they could find out someones whole mourning routine,…

homework microchip

3 benefits are: Identification. Our passports already have microchips, and airports, train stations, and bus stations transitioning from scanning your passport to scanning your arm would be a small infrastructure change. Same goes for your driver’s license and ID: all the police need is a chip scanner and you can ditch your wallet completely Infant and elder safety. It’s not uncommon for elders to “escape” from rest homes. More than 2,000 children are kidnapped in the US each day, Between 1.6–2.8 million youth run away from home each year. Being able to track anyone at any time means peace of mind for millions of parents and caregivers across the country. Theft prevention. you can lose or get your wallet stolen pretty easily. Parts of your body are a lot harder to steal. Additionally, it’s a lot harder to criminals to secretly scan your card data when it’s embedded in your hand or arm, rather than a wallet in your front or back pocket. 3 disadvantages are: Uncertainty. We don’t know what e…


brush teeth

stop brushing

check teeth
         if teeth look clean
                     check breath
get dressed
        if you're going to work put on work clothes
go outside
       if its sunny put your hat on
walk down the street
               check the time if late